BLE, WiFi and CAN controlled interface for IoT devices
An ESP32 based controller for home and industrial applications that supports offline control via BLE and CANBus and online control over WiFi + MQTT.
Voice and App Based Control for Smart Home Devices
Voice and text based control of smart home devices - over Alexa, Google Home, iWatch, Android and iOS apps
Dara - ConnectBot for Artists

Dara - ConnectBot for Artists

Client: British Council

Domain: Software,

Contribution: Architecture, Development,

Arena: Startup

Technology Readiness Level: 8

Status: Released

Patent: false

February 2018 - May 2018

A chatbot accessible over Facebook and via http://Dara.Network that connects artists from across India and UK.
Long range mesh network of oceanic wave sensors
Long range (6km+) wireless sensors that detect wave strength and direction. Used to protect wave energy generator. Now off the cost of New York.
Microwave assisted flood remediation
Safe and rapid drying of flood affected properties using combination of microwave and traditional techniques.