Microwave Detector
Wireless mesh enabled microwave power detector to trigger alarms if the microwave leakage is beyond acceptable levels in industrial processing applications.
Project Sphere - Socio-environmental design research
Project Sphere focused on Bangalore-centric approaches to solve challenges around the resource areas of air, energy, food, waste and water.
Smart terminations and joints

Smart terminations and joints

Client: REPL International

Domain: Energy,

Contribution: Design, Supply Chain,

Arena: Startup

Technology Readiness Level: 9

Status: Released

Patent: true

February 2013 - July 2015

Research and partner identification for integrating current/voltage sensors into joints and terminations.
Smart controllers for electric lighting
OS for over-the-air updates and complete control of smart lighting controllers
Microwave moulding of shoe parts
Novel material for shoe counters and prototype machine for rapid moulding of counters inside shoe - 80% more efficient than traditional process.
Microwave drier for recycled paper products
Novel low cost microwave tunnel design using consumer magnetrons to rapidly dry recycled paper products
Usage meter for bio digesters

Usage meter for bio digesters

Client: Sustain Earth, India

Domain: Energy,

Contribution: Design, Development,

Arena: Startup

Technology Readiness Level: 7

Status: Prototype

Patent: false

April 2016 - July 2016

Simple wireless meter to measure consumption of bio-gas to enable pay-as-you-go model for bio-digesters
Polymer based FSS and radar absorber
Lightweight frequency selective surface made from polyaniline that acts as a radar absorber - designed for wind turbine and drone blades.
Microwave assisted flood remediation
Safe and rapid drying of flood affected properties using combination of microwave and traditional techniques.
Powder impression moulding for recycled polymers
Microwave pre-heating and novel insulated mould to achieve up to 2x more energy efficiency in powder impression moulding of recycled polymers.
Microwave drying of slurries

Microwave drying of slurries

Client: PPMIPS (EU FP7)

Domain: Energy, Water,

Contribution: Design, Development, Experiments,

Arena: Corporate

Technology Readiness Level: 4

Status: Proof of Concept

Patent: false

October 2012 - December 2012

Designed a system to efficiently and progressively dry slurry on conveyor belts without it clumping up.
Resonant waveguides for pre-heating of polymers

Resonant waveguides for pre-heating of polymers

Client: Pera Technology

Domain: Energy,

Contribution: Design, Experiments,

Arena: Corporate

Technology Readiness Level: 6

Status: Prototype

Patent: false

January 2012 - October 2012

Offset resonant cavities to rapidly and efficiently pre-heat polymer sheets prior to compression moulding
Microwave assisted modification of wood structure
Modified structure of wood to allow higher uptake of wood treatment liquids.
Efficient, sensor-controlled ballast water treatment
Highly efficient, bio-monitor controlled ballast water treatment.
Microwave curing of wet spots in mineral wool
Rapid, efficient curing of wet spots in mineral wool remnant from traditional curing.
Accelerated drying of wood with microwaves
Sensor enabled microwave chamber for safely drying fresh cut timber in 10% of usual drying time.