Rapid, efficient curing of wet spots in mineral wool remnant from traditional curing.
Modified structure of wood to allow higher uptake of wood treatment liquids.
Polymer filters for ballast water treatment with biocides attached to the surface using microwave chemistry.
Lightweight frequency selective surface made from polyaniline that acts as a radar absorber - designed for wind turbine and drone blades.
Low loss SMD impedace tuner for covering complete Smith Chart. Multiple applications like tunable antennas and amplifiers, low loss/low profile circulator, backscatter modulated RFID tag, amplitude and phase controlled reflectarray and vector modulator

Telecom surge protector

Domain: Communication,

Contribution: Design, Development,

Arena: Academia

Technology Readiness Level: 5

Status: Prototype

Patent: No

Aug 2003 - April 2004

20kV varistor based surge protector with RJ11 connector for household telephones