To crowdfund or not to crowdfund  Jun 17, 2016

Crowdfunding for products is a relatively new phenomenon in India. Successes are few and far in between, platforms are only just maturing and there are as many stories of failed delivery as there are of delayed delivery.

Github’s lessons for new product development  Oct 2, 2014

I love Github’s philosophy, functionality and business model. And the more I look into it the more I realise it has the potential to revolutionise research.

PhD, Bloody Hell!  Apr 13, 2012

Doctoral students are a curious breed. Some will make a mark on their chosen field. The rest, as someone eloquently put, will transfer bones from one graveyard to another. Indeed, one of the things you learn very early during doctoral studies is that no one other than you, your supervisor and your examiner is likely to ever read your thesis.

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